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Summer Sun Can Fry an Egg on your Dash

hot-car-60minAuto accessory company Axius determined that on a 95 degree Fahrenheit day, trapped hot air inside your car can make the dashboard hot enough to fry bacon and eggs!

The steering wheel can reach 159 degrees, and the seat, 162 degrees.

To keep your car as cool as possible,
try these tips:

  • Park in the shade whenever possible.
  • Cover your steering wheel with a towel when you park.
  • When you get into a hot car, open windows and the sunroof to let out the hot air before turning on the air conditioning.
  • Using sunshades, Axius says can reduce heat buildup by more than 48 degrees F.
  • And NEVER leave a child or animal in a hot summer car… it could be deadly!


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