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Join in our Women's Car Care Clinic & Learn all about:

  • What you need to know to keep you car Safe & Reliable!
  • How to Check your Tire Pressure
  • How To Measure the Tread on your Tire
  • Where to Find the Correct Tire Size your car needs
  • What’s Under the Hood
  • How your Brakes Work
  • Shock Absorbers & Struts
  • What Regular Maintenance is really necessary for your car
  • We’ll show you how we hook up our computer to talk to your car’s computer when the check engine light comes on.

2013 Women Car Care Clinic The class was “Excellent”. Loved that I could get under my car to see for myself. Thank you for having this free clinic for women. -Flinda Horton

The clinic was very informative and all participants had adequate time to ask questions. Thank you! -Katrin a Pelkey

auto craftsmen womens car care clinic 1.2012 I like being able to ask questions. It made me realize I know a lot more about my car then I thought. – Cool – that made me feel good. GIRL POWER! -Denise McCarty

GROUP SHOP THUMBS UP WOW, what a workshop that was!Thanks for the fun and useful class, handouts and goodies. They’re great, but the best part was the time spent with real technicians explaining things about real cars. -Lynne Jakubauskas

This workshop was awesome! I learned a lot. I feel more empowered to deal with my car and it’s repairs and maintenance. THANK YOU SO MUCH! -Rhonda Brace

machines Very Helpful! I really enjoyed this clinic. I feel more comfortable about my car and the needed services. -Kara Rule

This was wonderful information. For the first time I now feel empowered to take care of my car. Thank you very much. -Midge Brecher

jim under carThis is the best class I’ve been to. I always feel ignorant when I go to a garage & feel they could take advantage of me. Now that someone is finally teaching women, it’s great. Thank you all so much. -Nena Renfrew

KEVIN UNDER THE HOOD I thought the class was really good. My next car will be used and I will call to ask for advice. Great Clinic! - Clare Potter

Excellent! Kevin was really good at explaining everything! -Andrea McHugh

Everyone should have the opportunity to come to your class. Thank you, I appreciate you all for doing this. -Marie Thompson

This was a Fabulous dayand it was so great to do with my 18 yr. old daughter. P.S. Kevin was great, he gave us lots of very clear explanations of all aspects of car care, plus the basic working of a car. -Kathie Paterson

check tire pressureThis was great education that I have been wanting since high school. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from the staff and feel empowered about my car and how to communicate with mechanics. Thank you so much for this experience and for making it financially accessible: FREE! -Dana Woodruff

we love our class I can’t imagine how you could improve this clinic. It was wonderful! Thank you! -Barbara Stalling

Great Class. Wonderful overview of the vehicle. I feel empowered to make better decisions about my vehicle in the future. Presenters are knowledgeable and friendly. -Sarah Launderville

A6The atmosphere was relaxing, easy to ask questions. Information was useful – very helpful to be able to see under the cars and various parts being discussed. I have better understanding of what the technicians have to do – cars are even more complicated than I realized. There are so many different kinds and all with different insides. Maintenance is key. -Sue Talmadge

under the hood Truly great. Nice move along pace, but with plenty of time for questions. Notable balance struck between delivery of technical info but in simple terms. -Kimberly Jessup

This was excellent. I gained a lot of knowledge and realized my car really does need regular service. -Angie Pickel

UNDER THE CAR 3My questions were answered thoroughly – in a very respectful manner. Refreshments & coffee!! Thank You & what a clean garage!! -Barbara Balseiro

Everyone should take this class! I learned so much about maintenance and feel more confident in talking about my car and knowing what it needs. This knowledge is priceless! – Nicole Parker

women ccc Can’t remember when I’ve learned so much in such a short time. – Freda Roya

Great presentation! Keep up the good work for us Ladies! – Joanne O’Brien

Great class & a huge service to women & the Vermont community! – Amy Richardson

I love this class! I feel so comfortable now about cars. I worried every day about my car. Thanks to you and this class Iwon’t worry as much anymore! -Sandra Bates

Loved all the time spent on brakes & tires. Great, thorough answers. -Mia Moore

Great workshop. Enjoyed it very much! – Elly Holt

group shot 2 I liked the reminder to communicate clearly to your service adviser. -Kathy Brown.

I felt that all that I wondered about was covered. -Kimeta Donahue

Thank YOU, for making the trip down to White River Junction, on such a gloomy, stormy day! The class was really wonderful, and the feedback has been totally great. You were funny, informative, knowledgeable, and really fun. Just what I was hoping for as we get this new program going!

Thanks again, and I’d love to do it again sometime!
Nancy Theriault
COVER Home Repair – White River Junction
Education Director

UNDER THE HOOD What a great class today. I learned so much. Now, I feel so smart! -Lori Brown

Our Goal is to help educate you about the maintenance and repairs your car Needs to keep it Safe, Reliable and Cost Effective, so you can make Informed Decisions!

For information on when our next class is…
Call (802) 778-0524
or email:
[email protected]

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