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Air conditioning Service and Repair

Air Conditioning Service and Repair | Auto Craftsmen On a Hot Summer Day, when you get into your car it can feel as hot an an oven.

When you turn on the Air Conditioner, you want Cool, Refreshing Air!

If your car’s A/C isn’t cooling you off, take it to the experts.

We offer a Full System Performance Evaluation For $250.
This includes a full system performance service to check the refrigerant level that is in system. To do this we need to evacuate & refill with the correct amount of refrigerant to be able to measure the refrigerant level that was in your car. When we do this, we add a dye to the refrigerant so we can then test to find a leak. 

"Sometimes" we can find the leak right away
"Sometimes" we can NOT find the leak right away, BUT just topping up the refrigerant will give you icy A/C again lasting the whole summer.
"Sometimes" it will leak out again in a day or weeks later, and then we need to make another appointment. The dye will have then moved through the area leaking and will be easier to find.

Once we find the problem, we will make an estimate for repairs.
"Sometimes" the problem is a leaking seal at a line.... other times the Compressor or Condenser need to be changed.

A/C diagnosis is not a quick and easy job.

Auto Craftsmen’s ASE Certified Master Technicians have the training and the newest A/C equipment to service and repair all your air conditioning needs.

Call to schedule your appointment today!

We have loaner cars for your convenience!

Don’t Delay – call today. Auto Craftsmen or Email: [email protected]

P:S: You also need a good working Air Conditioner for winter driving.
You may not realize it, but in many instances if your A/C isn’t working – you may not be able to clear those foggy windows in the winter! Seriously, A/C is the process by which the air is not only cooled, but also dehumidified. This is important to know as many people will shrug off fixing their A/C if the weather is cooling down.

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