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Our COVID protocol to keep you and our staff safe is:
Because of COVID we are in lockdown and only staff is allowed in the building. We had the tent below built for your comfort. Please come inside the tent and you will find a window / intercom system set up so we can still see and talk to each other.

Tent Image

You will find in the blue tent our 'after hours key drop' Everything goes in and out through the mail slot. You will push your put keys though the slot and they will land on the front desk. [If you are dropping off when we are closed, please fill out the envelope provided so we know who the keys belong to]

If you are getting a loaner car to use for the day, we will push out the loaner car agreement and loaner keys to you through that same mail slot.

We have an awesome management system. We are able to send you a link to your repair order via text or email. You will be able to see any digital inspections, your technicians notes and pictures of your car that we want to show you.

If we have created an estimate for your review, you can either approve or decline the estimate right online and then we will know what you want OR you can give us a call at 802-223-2253.

AFTER the job is finished, we can send you a digital invoice and a secure link to pay for your bill via text or email. Then we can put your keys in one of the 9 lock boxes bolted to the right Blue Door under the awning and send you the 4 digit code to open the box to get your keys. 'Contactless pick-up for your convenience anytime of the day or night.'

OR you can call us with a credit card number OR you can pay in the blue tent by putting your credit card, a check or cash through the key drop / and then we will push out your keys back to you.

If you are dropping off one of our loaner cars "REMEMBER" to fill it up with gas in Montpelier and bring us a gas receipt. The gas receipt and keys to our car should be put in the Blue Tents Key Drop so the keys come into the building.

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