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Free Brakes For Food to Support the Montpelier Food Pantry!

food drive for the montpelier food pantryHelp us support the Montpelier Food Pantry!

Donate at least 5 non-perishable foods for the Montpelier Food Pantry and receive:

1.  FREE Brake Inspection  ( $47.00 value)
2. If we end up doing brake work on your vehicle, we will install FREE Premium Brake Pads &/or Shoes
(if needed) as part of a complete brake job.

Is the Brake Repair going to be absolutely Free?

Of course not - BUT - this is the Best Deal you will get anywhere! #1) Save $47.00 for a Brake Inspection #2) You get Free Brake Pads &/or shoes #3) You help the Montpelier Food Pantry.

Why not totally free?

  No Cost Jobs would require us to use cheap parts and to do what we call in the industry                             a “pad slap” = throw on cheap pads as quickly as possible and not look at the rotors, calipers, master cylinder, brake lines and brake fluid. Cheap brake jobs have possible safety concerns, have a  short life span, give poor performance, are noisy, plus they cost more in the  long run! We Don’t do “Pad-slaps”.

How Can You Give Such Big Discounts?

Our Parts Vender and Centric Brakes is willing to chip in to pay for the brake pads and shoes.
This is why we can only offer FREE Brakes for a limited time!

Donations that the food Pantry is asking for:
• Hearty Soups
• Ravioli
• Stews
• Baked Beans
• Chili
• Corned Beef Hash
• Pop-tops are greatly appreciated
• You could also give a cash donation or write a check to 'Just Basics'

HURRY - This promotion ends 1/31/2017
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