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Hybrids in Vermont

Hybrids in Vermont

Driving a Hybrid Vehicle in Vermont causes unique problems, which are not explained in the owner’s manual.*Cabin Air Filter: If the cabin air filter is clogged in a hybrid, the high voltage battery is cooled less. This takes life out of the big expensive battery and reduces the car’s power and fuel economy. And, just like a plugged vacuum cleaner, a cabin air filter with restricted air flow can’t suck up the dirt. old pads and new pads *Brakes: Hybrid vehicles have a regenerative braking system. This means that the conventional brakes only work when going 5 mph or less. Vermont has an excess of moisture and salt on our roads that cause brakes to rust and because the conventional brakes don’t get used much, they never build up the heat that helps to burn off the rust. Many Vermont hybrid owners are driving around with the bra ... read more


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