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Smart Jumper Cables!

Smart Jumper Cables!

Today’s cars are very complex. If the battery of your car dies – you want to be very careful how you get it started up. Here are 4 different ways you can charge the battery to get your car rolling down the road again. 1. Slowly charge the battery by using a battery charger. 2. Use a booster pack to jump the battery. 3. Call an expert mobile service to jump the battery. 4. If you must use jumper cables then I highly suggest you invest in MICHELIN’S Smart Jumper Cables™. If you hook up ordinary jumper cables incorrectly it can result in sparking or shorting which could seriously hurt you. This could also produce a power surge that could kill your car’s expensive electrical system. I like to call modern cars – Computers on Wheels. And we all know that computers hate power surges. This is why I highly recommend MICHELIN’S new Smart J ... read more


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