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Why do Vermont Vehicles Rust More Than Any Other State in the US?

Woodstock-Vermont Vermont is a very special place to live. GREAT people, Beautiful land, mountains and lakes to play in, yummy food and beer, and a safe place to raise a family.

mud season But with over six months of winter and 8,000 miles of unpaved roads, Vermont is tough on the people and on the vehicles.

Salt Brine Truck With the combination of dirt roads, mud season, brutal winters and the amount of salt that is applied to our roads and ends up in every nook and cranny of the vehicles, it’s no wonder most of our vehicles rot away long before they would any where else.

Rusty lines Almost every week Auto Craftsmen condemns at least one customer’s vehicle because it has rusted away. The engine has plenty of power, the transmission has plenty of life, but the underbody, brake lines, fuel lines, steering and suspension parts are rusty and falling apart. It won’t pass the state inspection, is unsafe to drive and doesn’t make economic sense to try and keep it on the road.

WICKED RUST Vermonters are continually forced to get rid of their vehicles long before they should because of the dreaded Vermont Rust.

rust It’s no fun at all to tell someone that their low mileage vehicle that looks practically brand new on the inside, has rusted away on the underbody and our recommendation is to donate it to Good News Garage or take it to the scrap yard.

Finally, We Have Way To Prevent & Slow Down The Rust!

After 2 years of research and testing a multitude of products, Auto Craftsmen has finally found an undercoating product we can stand behind. ‘Corrosion Free’ is a Canadian company that has been in business since 1995. We found them through a friend’s shop that has been offering Corrosion Free undercoating for eight years and loves it!

We have undercoated our whole fleet: loaner cars, shuttle van, personal vehicles & even the shop plow. We feel that ‘Corrosion Free’ is AWESOME!

corrosion free Here are the top benefits of a ‘Corrosion Free’ Undercoating Service:

  • Prevents Stone Chips from Festering
  • Prevents Gas Lines from Rotting
  • Maintains Structural Integrity of Frame
  • Eliminates Squeak and Creaks and smooths the hinge and cable operation
  • Penetrates and Lubricates Nuts and Bolts and Eliminates Moisture
  • Lubricates Window, Door Mechanisms, and Power Antennas.
  • Prevents Rust and Corrosion.
  • Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly
  • No Solvents, No Waxes, No Lanolin, No Teflon No Silicone
  • Vehicles will last longer, and fewer repairs
  • Undercoat lasts up to 18 months
  • Costs about .24 cents a day for a sedan
  • Drip free & Odor free

no drip Auto Craftsmen has also purchased the most awesome machine to apply the Corrosion Free Formula. This brand new machine has two spray guns. One gun sprays an even mist for the underbody, and the other spray gun is similar to a paint gun with two triggers. One trigger is air and one trigger is for product. There are three different specialized attachments to easily get into doors, rocker panels and hard to reach areas.

undercoating machine

1. Corrosion Free Rustproofing lasts up to 18 months between applications, compared to other rustproofing compounds that only last up to a year. This gives an extra six months of protection for your vehicle per application.

2. For most vehicles, Corrosion Free Rustproofing can be applied in the doors and tailgate doors of your vehicle using the factory drains holes and other such holes the vehicle came with. There are a few makes and models where we would have to drill a small hole to apply Corrosion Free. We have a special drill bit and plugs to seal the holes up afterwards.

3. Corrosion Free Rustproofing has been deemed by the Defense Research and Development in Canada as the absolute best choice for corrosion inhibition. The Canadian Military also recognizes the quality of Corrosion Free’s Formula 3000 Rustproofing as it has become their choice rustproofing for protecting their military vehicles.

What is Corrosion Free Formula 3000 with CSC 850 / Rust & Corrosion Fighting Lubricant DripFREE Lubricant Gel made out of?
Corrosion Free is made from food grade mineral oils; highly refined they are the purest white oils and are clear as water. This is why it does not damage rubbers and plastics on your vehicle.The gel formation comes from the unique process of polarizing the oil. This is why it does not drip, yet it creeps to hidden seams and crevices in your vehicle and pulls itself like a magnet to the steel protecting it from corrosion and rust.

How does Corrosion Free compare with Lanolin Type Undercoating?
We experimented with a Lanolin undercoating. While we found that it also prevents the dreaded Vermont Rust, we found it very stinky. It made the shop smell horrible and left the car with an irritating odor to boot. We have been told that since it is organic there is possible bio-growth when mixed with water inside doors or cavities.

Is Undercoating worth the cost?
Ah, YES! Your vehicle will last years longer then if you do nothing.
PLUS, There will be less repairs over the lifetime of the vehicle.

COST [will need to have it re-applied approx. every 18 months]
Sedans = $238 [tax included]
SUV, Vans and Wagons = $311 [tax included]
Trucks = $380 [tax included]

Here is an interesting article and the study done by the Canadian Army regarding Corrosion Free.

Money Sense Article
Canadian Department of Defense Article

Is There any kind of Warranty with Corrosion Free Undercoating?
Yes there is. Corrosion Free offers a warranty for vehicles that are 2 years or newer that keep getting the vehicle undercoated every 18 months.  Click on this link for more details.

To make an appointment to get your vehicle ‘Corrosion Free Undercoating’
Call (802) 778-0524

or Email: [email protected]

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