Best folks ever! in Montpeleir yesterday, -3˚f and snowing... and the drivers-side windshield wiper goes kaput. a frantic phone call to Auto Craftsmen on a busy Friday afternoon yields an immediate expert repair. They saved the day. Visiting from Minneapolis, and so very thankful for the help and warmth - Auto Craftsmen are the greatest. Thanks a million!!!

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 12/30/2017

Im really thankful for the courteous , kind and caring service and relationship. Thank you. Cheers, Kim.

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 12/14/2017

Thanks for the great service and the ornament, it will be hanging on our tree this Christmas...

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 11/29/2017

Recently I had my tires changed to snow tires as well as getting a periodic servicing. As usual, the service was excellent, professional and friendly. I always get a thorough review of the work done and an assessment and advice regarding future needs. The crew members at AutoCraftsmen have done an outstanding job of keeping my Toyota Corolla purring contentedly now for almost 215,000 miles!

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 11/22/2017

As always, a quick diagnosis, a quick fix and then on my way.

4.5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 11/16/2017

We've been going to Auto Craftsmen for many years. They're everything you want in an auto shop—honest; highly skilled mechanics; conscientious to the nth degree; try to save you money; friendly; encourage customers to ask questions; etc. They are a great outfit!

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 11/15/2017

We have been taking our old trucks and newer Subarus to Auto Craftsmen for years. The service is exceptional, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They always go out of their way to explain the problem/options before they start to work on the vehicle. If something unanticipated comes up during the work, they call to discuss the issue before proceeding. At the end of every job we receive a detailed report of any maintenance that might be anticipated in the future - from mileage left on tires to brake wear. We always get a follow up call after service to be sure that things are running smoothly. We wouldn't think of taking our vehicles anywhere else.

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 4/7/2017

I've been going to Auto Craftsman for over 10 years. I never thought about going there until a good friend recommended them. I am always impressed at the professional and friendly service of the entire staff. I can't imagine going anywhere else. MikeP

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 2/21/2017

I am amazed at the service I get at Auto Craftsmen on Route 2 on the road to Middlesex. They take you back to the shop to show you what the car needs, then usher you to their cozy waiting room complete with plants, coffee, snacks, reading matter, and a very warm and personable receptionist who will drive you into town if you need it. It's way above service I have ever had at any other shop. The mechanics are careful, thorough, conscientious, and courteous. They really take care of you there.

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 12/9/2016

Amy and Mark and team are amazing! I have been a customer for almost 6 years and have had a wonderful experience every time! It is so convenient that they have loaner cars so that I can leave my car and get to work! They also give you a gift thanking you for your business every time! I LOVE the creemee coins from Dairy Creme!!! Trustworthy and reliable!

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 9/29/2016