• Why is National Car Car Month in April?

    Friday 28 March 2014

    Finally April has arrived & winter has painstakingly comes to its end. National Car Care Month reminds you to take care of any issues that the harsh road conditions of winter may have caused your car. Just like it’s time to put away your winter boots and take out your sandals… Now is the time to get your car ready for spring driving and summer road trips! AND What about those potholes... read more

  • Best Selling Cars for 2013

    Saturday 25 January 2014

    According to VT Based ‘’, here is a list of 2013’s bestselling cars: Ford F-Series – 763,402 Chevy Silverado – 480,414 Toyota Camry – 408,484 Honda Accord – 366,678 Ram Pickup – 355,673 Honda Civic – 336,180 Nissan Altima – 320,723 Honda CR-V – 303,904 Toyota Corolla / Matrix – 302,180 Ford Escape – 295,993 ... read more

  • You mean I do have some control over how much I pay for gas?

    Tuesday 19 November 2013

    Sometimes it feels like a guessing game when pulling up to the pump. Will the number be higher or lower today? It makes it challenging to budget for gas when you can’t predict the amount that will come out of your pockets. Fortunately, if you follow these easy steps, you might find a few extra dollars in your wallet. Do the math. The next time you fill up the tank, record the odometer reading and reset your trip gauge to zero. From... read more

  • You’ve got your winter coat and boots, now what about that car?

    Tuesday 12 November 2013

    Vermonters are experts when it comes to winter. We know how to stay warm and dry with products made right in our home state from ‘Darn Tough Socks‘ to ‘Vermont Castings Wood Stoves‘. You’ll find sap buckets filled with rock salt waiting to be sprinkled on our pathways and shovels are lined up ready to do heavy lifting... read more

  • PINK Wiper Blades

    Monday 07 October 2013

    Pink Wiper Blades Show your Support for Breast Cancer Awareness Mo nth With any service or repair during the month of October, ALL our Pink Windshield Wiper Blades will be 1/2 off! With every blade sold a donation is made to the National Breast Cancer Foundation... read more