A 5. star rating

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 6/18/2018

Excellent customer service and auto repair!

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 6/11/2018

The service was outstanding and everyone was knowledgeable and was able to answer my questions in a way that I would understand. I highly recommend them.

4.5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 6/11/2018

Best Automotive Service Ever! Hats off to Amy for her fantastic shop!

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 5/26/2018

Knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. While I did not, on their recommendation, have AC do any work on the car, their 44 point check was spot on describing issues, and I trust their mechanics are competent and professional. My only advice is for you to leave your car and go about your day if possible, as a busy shop like this might not get to it for several hours.

4 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 4/6/2018

I have been bringing my '05 Toyota Tacoma to AutoCraftsmen for the last 5-8 years and continue to be impressed with their service. They have extended the life of my truck, helped me with honest advice and each time I interact with them I know they are the kind of business that puts their customers 1st (not to mention they offer dealership quality service). I am loyal to Amy and her entire staff because they are fair and really tell you what's involved in servicing your vehicle before they do the work. The service they offer is unmatched and the job is done right the 1st time.

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 4/5/2018

Best folks ever! in Montpeleir yesterday, -3˚f and snowing... and the drivers-side windshield wiper goes kaput. a frantic phone call to Auto Craftsmen on a busy Friday afternoon yields an immediate expert repair. They saved the day. Visiting from Minneapolis, and so very thankful for the help and warmth - Auto Craftsmen are the greatest. Thanks a million!!!

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 12/30/2017

Im really thankful for the courteous , kind and caring service and relationship. Thank you. Cheers, Kim.

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 12/14/2017

Thanks for the great service and the ornament, it will be hanging on our tree this Christmas...

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 11/29/2017

Recently I had my tires changed to snow tires as well as getting a periodic servicing. As usual, the service was excellent, professional and friendly. I always get a thorough review of the work done and an assessment and advice regarding future needs. The crew members at AutoCraftsmen have done an outstanding job of keeping my Toyota Corolla purring contentedly now for almost 215,000 miles!

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 11/22/2017