A long overdue word of appreciation to a woman who I will always remember as someone who helped a stranger. Amy, I have many times recalled your kindness, late last summer, when moving my daughter to UVM. When AAA towed my car to your shop, and you graciously lent us a car, allowed us to use it all day, extended warmth and a feeling that everything would be okay. Thanks to you, move in day was a success, and my daughter’s first day of college reminded us what good there is in the world … a fantastic way to begin a new chapter of life. It is easy to see that you and your employees are something special. As we live in Mass. we cannot make you our mechanic of choice, but we will never forget you, and hope that we can help a stranger in need to smile in a time of need. The people of the Montpelier area are lucky to have such exceptional people in their community.

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 8/11/2013

Great Service! I have been coming to Auto Craftsmen since June 2011 and every experience has been Great!

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 7/14/2013

Excellent Service! Auto Craftsmen is the only place I will bring my cars - personally and professionally. As we build our fleet of vehicles, I will only purchase those that Auto Craftsmen will work on. They have never given anything short of excellent service. When speaking with my staff, I often cite Auto Craftsmen as an example of the standards we should strive for. Thank you for keeping us on the road!

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 4/4/2013

Real Happy With You! I don't worry when I bring my car to you guys. Very Happy with my service!

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 2/28/2013

96 Camry - my darling's as green as the tidy sum I saved (interior's tan) and the other sale, our red Impreza, conscientously maintained.

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 2/9/2013

I had to cancel an appointment at last minute. It was very handy just being able to go online and send you the cancellation. I love the online system!

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 2/6/2013

Everything is Fantastic! we finally found a place that isn't a dealer and that can work on my BMW!

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 1/31/2013

Patient, Friendly & Honest! Everyone at Auto Craftsmen is patient, friendly, fair and most importantly, honest. I have never felt pressured to get a service and I've always received honest answers to my questions, including when certain repairs aren't needed and can be done later.

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 1/24/2013

Above & Beyond! Your Tech. went above and beyond the call of service. I'm actually happy about spending the money on my car. What an improvement in my driving experience.

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 1/18/2013

Just wanted to thank you for the improbable, friendly, accommodating, honest service you provided to me last Tuesday while pulling into town from Portland, Maine with a dangerously loose wheel bearing. Everyone was wonderful, and I enjoyed a couple of extra leisure hours in Montpelier to boot! I'll truly try to coordinate my vehicle service with my periodic business trips to Montpelier from now on.

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 12/14/2012