I am amazed at the service I get at Auto Craftsmen on Route 2 on the road to Middlesex. They take you back to the shop to show you what the car needs, then usher you to their cozy waiting room complete with plants, coffee, snacks, reading matter, and a very warm and personable receptionist who will drive you into town if you need it. It's way above service I have ever had at any other shop. The mechanics are careful, thorough, conscientious, and courteous. They really take care of you there.

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 12/9/2016

Amy and Mark and team are amazing! I have been a customer for almost 6 years and have had a wonderful experience every time! It is so convenient that they have loaner cars so that I can leave my car and get to work! They also give you a gift thanking you for your business every time! I LOVE the creemee coins from Dairy Creme!!! Trustworthy and reliable!

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 9/29/2016

I can't imagine taking my car anywhere else whether for routine maintenance, repairs, or even little things like tire changes. With well over 100,000 miles on my vehicle I really appreciate that the mechanics always break things down for me as "this is what you need to do now, this is what you need to soon, this would be good for you to do before too long, and this would be good to do when you can." It allows me to budget for repairs and keeps my car running smoothly- whether I'm running errands in town, exploring back roads, or visiting family in Boston. I appreciate how efficient Auto Craftsman is with the time it takes to get things done and the small courtesies like loaner vehicles or arranging for the bus to make an extra stop. I am definitely a customer for life!

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 8/3/2016

We love Auto Craftsmen. They are the best in every way!

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 7/18/2016

We've serviced our 2010 Honda Insight exclusively at our Honda dealership until our AC stopped working and Honda couldn't fit us in, a real problem in these soaring temperatures. After searching the web for local shops, we found Auto Craftsmen and were impressed with the thorough and respectful initial phone conversation. We committed to a fairly lengthy repair involving multiple parts. Now, a week later, our AC is working better than it did when our Insight was new. Best of all, we feel we've found an honest reliable shop with a great waiting space and excellent customer care values. We'll be taking all our car business to Auto Craftsmen in future. Thank you Frances Marie, Amy, Mark, and the men who did the work. We spend a lot of time on the road and are relieved to find a thorough and trustworthy car repair shop.

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 7/18/2016

As a 74 year old lady driver, living on a back road in the BEAUTIFUL mountains of Vermont, I need dependable transportation. I need a service garage that will be patient with me through my "long winded" concerns and questions. Thus I say to you, my elderly sisterhood, Auto Craftsmen will listen and provide. Of course, you need to do your part by having your vehicle on regular maintenance schedule, which Auto Craftsmen will print out for you/explain to you. Can you think of another thing that is as satisfying at our age as A CAR THAT GOES?

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 7/1/2016

I was having issues with the air conditioning in my Tacoma. The folks at Auto Craftsmen got me in quickly, diagnosed the problem and had it repaired the same day. As always they were very thorough to explain everything. No place better for routine maintenance or for that nasty "surprise".

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 6/7/2016

The owner of this place is very nice, kind and professional. I would recommend this place 100%.

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 3/25/2016

Fantastic shop- friendly, professional and they went out of their way to sneak in the water pump repair so I could get back home same day. They've earned AAA's recommendation and my thanks.

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 1/6/2016

I was dissatisfied with my previous mechanic so decided to try these guys out even though they're a little further from my work. Thanks to auto craftsmen a really serious problem was diagnosed and they helped me get it corrected with the mechanic that caused the problem! They showed me the problem on my car and explained it, and took pictures for me. I'll be going to them from now on!

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 11/9/2015