• October is National Car Care Month

    Monday 01 October 2012

    I’m putting on my Women’s Board Hat when I tell you that it’s National Car Care Month & time to get your vehicle ready for winter. Winterizing your car is essential to getting through a Vermont winter with no problems! Here a the 8 Steps to Getting Your Car Ready for Winter. 1. Clean your vehicle inside and out. Getting your vehicle washed and waxed helps protect the paint surfaces from snowy bombardments... read more

  • Fuel prices are Rising… Up Your MPG

    Tuesday 12 June 2012

    Gasoline prices are on the rise again. With political turmoil and natural disasters happening all over the world, I don’t see the price of gasoline dropping in the near future, if ever again. You may not have control of increased fuel prices, but you do have control of getting better fuel mileage on your existing vehicle. By following these steps, you can add miles to every gallon with your coupe, sedan, wagon, SUV, minivan, pickup truck, or hybrid. (More on hybrids below... read more

  • Congrats to the Winners of our Pumpkin Weighing Contest!

    Thursday 10 November 2011

    Correct Weight = 57 lbs 1st place: A FREE Club Card worth $517.99 of automotive discounts 53.25 lbs / Barb Colf 2nd place: a $50.00 Gift Certificate to The Black Door Bar & Bistro in Montpelier. 53 lbs / Anthony Otis

  • Test Driving for Good Year Tires

    Friday 07 October 2011

    When Jody Devere, the President of (the premier automotive site for women) called and asked if I wanted to go to Akron, Ohio in July to review Goodyear’s new Assurance TripleTred All-Season tire I told her I would love to, and did my happy dance around the shop! Now you may be asking yourself, why would anyone get so excited to go to Akron, Ohio in July to check... read more

  • Hybrids in Vermont

    Monday 15 August 2011

    Driving a Hybrid Vehicle in Vermont causes unique problems, which are not explained in the owner’s manual. *Cabin Air Filter: If the cabin air filter is clogged in a hybrid, the high voltage battery is cooled less. This takes life out of the big expensive battery and reduces the car’s power and fuel economy. And, just like a plugged vacuum cleaner, a cabin air filter with restricted air flow can’t suck up the dirt... read more