Friday 23 July 2010

    DON’T BE THIS PERSON? Her auto technician told her 3xs that she should get the timing belt changed on her 2002 PT Cruiser. But she kept putting it off – because she did not want to spend the money. While driving to work – the timing belt broke… and because this vehicle has an interference engine, the engine is probably toast. The vehicle got towed to Auto Craftsmen. The only way to find out if the engine survived is... read more

  • What’s New at Auto Craftsmen

    Wednesday 21 July 2010

    Exercise while you wait for Automotive Services at Auto Craftsmen You asked for it… and we listened! We now have an exercise room (air conditioned too) so you can get a work out while waiting for an oil change or other minor service on your car. If the service or repairs are going to take too long to wait – we have a shuttle service into the greater Montpelier area & five loaner cars available for you to use

  • Air Conditioning Problems

    Wednesday 07 July 2010

    Here in Vermont we have a fairly short season of hot and humid weather. Mostly we can get by rolling down our windows and letting fresh air in to keep us comfortable. But on those wicked hot days most of us really appreciate having the air condition working in our cars to keep us cool . Trying to explain how the air conditioning system of your car works is not an easy task. This is because it’s fairly complicated and counter-intuitive. Basically... read more

  • Check Engine Light: Why does it come on, what to do, and what happens if you ignore it?

    Tuesday 15 June 2010

    Check Engine Light: Why does it come on, what to do, and what happens if you ignore it? You’re driving to work, taking the kids to a ballgame, or running a routine errand… and then you see it – the Check Engine Light turns on. Ugh. For many people, the sight of a Check Engine Light triggers visions of a costly repair bill and a sense of worry, since most folks don’t really know what it means. The Check Engine Light turns on when your vehicle’s computer... read more

  • Smart Jumper Cables!

    Tuesday 13 April 2010

    Today’s cars are very complex. If the battery of your car dies – you want to be very careful how you get it started up. Here are 4 different ways you can charge the battery to get your car rolling down the road again. 1. Slowly charge the battery by using a battery charger. 2. Use a booster pack to jump the battery. 3. Call an expert mobile service to jump the battery. 4. If you must... read more