• Vermont wants to know: How Safe Is your Car?

    Thursday 14 July 2011

    Do you own a car? Is it registered in Vermont? Did you know that Vermont requires you to take your vehicle to a State Licensed Inspection Station once a year for a safety and emissions inspection? Interestingly this is not a national requirement. Each state government is free to decide whether to require a safety inspection as well as the specifics of what the requirements are to pass that state’s inspection. In 1990 Congress passed federal vehicle emissions regulatio... read more

  • How the Crisis in Japan may affect your Car!

    Tuesday 15 March 2011

    My Dear Clients, My Friend Greg Buckley sent this to me, and I wanted to share it with you! By now all of us are awe struck and saddened by the horrible earthquake and tsunami that the people of Japan have recently suffered. There are no words to describe what a tragedy like this can mean to the lives of the thousands living in the heart of the stricken area or the families that are watching, waiting and praying from afar. The American Red Cross... read more

  • Re-Organzing Auto Craftsmen’s Parts Room

    Thursday 03 March 2011

    It’s been a long, cold snowy winter so far and we still have March and April to get through. This time of year seems to be hard for many folks. I wish I had enough money to close the shop for a week and take my staff to somewhere sunny and warm. But since I don’t, we have been busy doing shop-projects. This years winter project has been, re-organizing the parts room. Thanks to one of our part vendors we received a bunch of shelving. We are organizing a bunch of the par... read more

  • Auto Craftsmen offering ‘Green Auto Detailing Service’ in Vermont

    Wednesday 29 September 2010

    Auto Craftsmen is so excited that they finally found a quality non-toxic commercial grade cleaner that that has passed our stringent seal of approval. We have tested many green products , but have not been happy with the quality of cleaning that they provided… that is until we found ES71 Super H202 CLEANER / DEGREASER made by Enviro-Solutions. This product does a good job, and for the chemically sensitive, does not l... read more

  • Auto Detailing – SUPER SPECIAL!

    Monday 27 September 2010

    “It Only Happens Once Every Thousand Years” – this year’s October 10th- 10/10/2010 We thought this was soooo cool, we decided to have some fun with the Number 10 and run a special that would be truly special! With the cold temperatures headed our way, and windows being rolled up… and you being ‘stuck’ sitting in your summer debris, It’s a GREAT idea to get your vehicle cleane... read more