• How to Winterize Your Car

    Wednesday 07 December 2016

    Winterizing your car is essential to surviving Vermont’s frigid winters. Make sure you can rely on your car to transport you and your family safely in any weather conditions Old Man Winter can throw your way. Why take the risk? Be proactive! Make sure your car is mechanically sound before the temperature dips and the snow starts falling. 9 Steps to Getting You and Your Car Ready for Winter. 1. Clean your vehicle inside and out. Have body of your vehicle washed and... read more

  • ASE Certification Program for Auto Mechanics

    Thursday 06 October 2016

    In the United States, mechanics are not licensed. Anyone who goes out and purchases some tools can open up an auto repair shop or get a job at an independent shop or at the dealer. A specific shop or dealer may have a great reputation, but most drivers never know which mechanic will be working on their vehicle.  You rely on your car to keep you and your family safe and get to get you to work, school and all those other places that are a major part of your life without breaking down on the... read more

  • How Do You Know The Skill Level Of The Mechanic Working On Your Car?

    Friday 16 September 2016

    You wouldn’t go to a doctor who wasn’t a licensed M.D., so why would you let an un-certified mechanic work on your car?   Before you hand over the keys, ask if your mechanic is ASE Certified in the specific repair or service your vehicle needs.   The National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence or ASE sets the industry standard with their certification program. This includes testing in eight different automotive systems: Engine Repair Certifica... read more

  • How to avoid the common summer breakdown: Overheating!

    Tuesday 07 June 2016

    If you haven’t experienced it, I’m sure you have passed someone who has. You’re on vacation and the car is packed to the gills with all you need to make a home away from home. It’s 97 degrees outside and the humidity is thick and heavy. You notice the car’s temperature gauge is creeping higher than it normally does. You feel your heart begin to race and you beg your car not to overheat now. It’s a weekend and the road is jammed with bumper to bumper traffic... read more


    Sunday 13 March 2016

    Auto Craftsmen in Montpelier is giving away a brand new set of Cooper All-season tires on 3/31/16! No purchase necessary! Just bring in 10 non-perishable food items for the Vermont Food Bank, and enter your name in a drawing for the new set of tires.   Located on Route 2 West / next door to the Dairy Creme, This side of Waterbury! Open Mon. - Frid. 8 am to 5:30 pm. for more information call 80