Everyone Was Wonderful! Just wanted to thank you for the improbable, friendly, accommodating, honest service you provided to me last Tuesday while pulling into town from Portland, Maine with a dangerously loose wheel bearing. Everyone was wonderful, and I enjoyed a couple of extra leisure hours in Montpelier to boot! I’ll truly try to coordinate my vehicle service with my periodic business trips to Montpelier from now on.

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 11/27/2012

Auto Craftsmen got us in so fast and fixed the problem right away. Everyone is so social and friendly. Made me feel very comfy. Ieven looked for finger prints and there were none :)

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 11/23/2012

We were on vacation when the check engine light came on. We called AAA and they recommended your shop. You gave great directions, friendly car care and fast service. Now we can continue our vacations!!!

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 11/18/2012

This presentation was a marvelous tool for those of us who need this information. Excellent job of covering the basics - which is what I needed. Terrific!

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 11/13/2012

Thanks! Thanks for following up on the repairs on my '99 Forester. Everything is fine and your customer service was excellent.

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 11/8/2012

Congratulations! Hi Amy: Just wanted to congratulate you on being named "Top Female Shop Owner for 2012" at last week's WB reception. Sorry you couldn't be there in person to receive this well-deserved honor. Since the first time we met, I have always been impressed with your knowledge and capabilities, and your determination to be successful in the automotive world. You truly have broken down barriers and serve as a role model for women everywhere. Once again, congratulations, Amy. Kind regards, Katie

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 11/8/2012

The Car Care Clinic was great because my car was the demo & I'd never been underneath it. Learned more that I anticipated.

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 11/6/2012

I really appreciated this class! Very informative and addressed all my questions.

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 10/25/2012

Thanks for the follow up. Yes, my Tacoma has much more pep and seems to run smoother too. I'm glad that worked out so well and appreciate the pic's of the other problem areas. I must say it was very nice working with you both and I feel you guys care for my truck as much as I do!!!

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 10/19/2012

Very Happy! We are very happy you caught the problem with the gas tank. My mother does not like surprises when it comes to her car. We will definitely use your service again.

5 Auto Craftsmen LTD. 10/16/2012