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  • Chevy Montage All-Female Build of a 57' Chevy Truck

    Saturday 02 December 2017

    There are a ton of really cool 'AutoGirls' that I have gotten to know over the years. From mechanics to women who do body work & restoration, welders, fabricators, painters, race car drivers, writers, consultants, women who work for corporations and shop owners like me. Most of them live out of Vermont, which gives me a great excuse to travel multiple times per year. Every November I travel to Arizona and Bogi and I make our annual drive to Vegas to attend AAPEX & SEMA otherwise... read more

  • How Do You Know The Skill Level Of The Mechanic Working On Your Car?

    Friday 16 September 2016

    You wouldn’t go to a doctor who wasn’t a licensed M.D., so why would you let an un-certified mechanic work on your car?   Before you hand over the keys, ask if your mechanic is ASE Certified in the specific repair or service your vehicle needs.   The National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence or ASE sets the industry standard with their certification program. This includes testing in eight different automotive systems: Engine Repair Certifica... read more